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Sour Brulee | Delta 8 Flower | Fresh Harvest

Sour Brulee | Delta 8 Flower | Fresh Harvest

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  • 13.8% total CBDa
  • 15.8% total cannabinoids
  • Hybrid / Anytime strain
  • Oregon Sun grown 
  • Farm bill compliant (below .3% delta-9 THC)
  • COA + Terpene testing

Medium-sized, chunky, dense buds with a stunning coating of sparkling trichomes. The contrast of the peach-colored pistils and the thick layer of resin accentuates the brilliant green hues. Keep in mind that this is not the Sour Brulee grown indoors, so the structure is a little different. Notably, the THC level is slightly greater and the terpene concentration is significantly higher in this sungrown variety!


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